I'm James Szczur

James J. Szczur (Professor Jim) is an adjunct professor of engineering and a freelance wildlife researcher. He grew up near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An adventurist and a scholar at heart, he is drawn to making the most of any opportunity.

About The Author

James Szczur

James J. Szczur (Professor Jim, Welcome) is an author, university professor of engineering, freelance wildlife researcher, and photographer. Living in Colorado, he grew up near Philadelphia PA. A scientist at heart, he is always looking for his next adventure!

Latest Stories

First day on the job at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. We made Bear “unwelcome” mats to help direct bears away from where they shouldn’t be… www.koaa.com

My Book

Exploring the Neighborhood Pronghorn Community (second edition)

Surviving the Ice Age and once on the brink of extinction due to man, pronghorn antelope thrive on the plains of the American West. Today, unrelenting urban sprawl confronts local pronghorn herds. Within this juxtaposition, opportunity arises! These magnificent big-game animals are surprisingly accessible. Driven by their curiosity and territorial nature, pronghorn thrive among new housing construction sites, what was prairie wilderness just months earlier. Pronghorn are just as curious about us as we are of them! University professor by day and wildlife researcher by night/weekend, Professor Jim does exactly that – embraces a fleeting opportunity and immerses himself into the pronghorn world. With abundant photographs and illustrations, he intertwines his pronghorn encounters, anecdotes, and surprises. He delivers a mosaic of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual impressions from this “not so far from home” wilderness adventure. This book is a MUST for deer lovers in the world who are concerned about urban sprawl, same as Professor Jim’s pronghorn herd. Come and vicariously explore the secrets of the Colorado prairie wilderness featuring the pronghorn. Who are these majestic survivors hidden among the fringes of urban development? Did you know it is fun to collect pronghorn horns? Have you ever seen a jackalope? Come discover the mysteries of the pronghorn world during a time and place before urban expansion pushes the pronghorn further away.